How To Care For Vinyl Flooring

One of the greatest benefits of installing vinyl flooring is that it is incredibly low maintenance. Although it doesn’t need much looking after, there’s still a few steps you can take to ensure it stays in top condition. Keep reading to find out how to best care for your vinyl flooring.

Wipe Up Spillages Quickly

Whilst vinyl is waterproof, it’s important to not let any spillages linger. If you do, then the liquid may leave a stain or even warp the floor’s surface. Not to mention, fluids which are abandoned may also pose a dangerous slipping hazard for you and your family. So, if you notice any liquids, make sure they are mopped up sooner rather than later.

Regularly Sweep Vinyl Flooring

Keep your vinyl flooring looking spick and span by regularly sweeping. This is a great way of preventing dust and debris from accumulating, which can actually damage your floors if left to build up. You can also vacuum, just make sure the nozzle is soft to avoid harming your vinyl floors.

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Avoid Abrasive Materials & Products

Ensure you are always using the correct cleaning products when it comes to caring for your vinyl flooring. Do not use abrasive materials or fabrics, such as scourers, as they can be incredibly damaging. Instead, opt for soft cloths or fabric mops. 

Similarly, when it comes to deep cleaning your floors, you should only use chemical products that are safe for vinyl. This will prevent damage from occurring, and will ensure your floor stays in tip top condition for as long as possible. Just remember to give your mop or cloth a thorough wring before you start cleaning. When you are not performing a deep clean, warm water alone will suffice. 

Upgrade Your Home With Vinyl Flooring

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